Holistic Doula Training

About this course

Our online Holistic Birth Doula Training Course is a rich comprehensive  resource that you can study anywhere, anytime. This holistic training covers a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to become a Birth Doula so you can offer support and experience to birthing women and families.

This course is a collaboration between Bliss Baby Yoga & the Celebration of Birth Doula Academy, founded by Anna Watts in 2011. This Doula Academy holds the vision for educating, protecting and developing sacred birthing and post-partum practices through the training of Doulas to support women, babies and families during the transformational time of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

This comprehensive Birth Doula Training has the foundation of our combined birth and Doula wisdom, over 50 years of practical experience in this specialist field, with backgrounds in Childbirth Education, Doula Training & Mentoring, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training and Women’s Health and Wellbeing. Many of the students who choose to train with us are interested in the mother-centred holistic approach, as well as the sacred birthing wisdom offered in the training.

The course also includes evidence based information including the Stages of Labour, Role of a Doula, Active Birth Support, Communication skills, Postpartum Support, Marketing, Establishing your Doula Business and more.

Why holistic? This training invites you on a path of self reflection and deeper self-knowledge as you prepare for this sacred role in supporting others through the birth portal.

See the full course curriculum here or click on the following tab ‘Course Content’.

Be fully certified as a Birth Doula by enrolling in the Doula Certification Bundle which also includes our Certification Module. You can read more about the Certification Module here.

BONUS CONTENT – learn how to create and facilitate a beautiful Blessing Way circle for mothers-to-be as they approach the time to give birth. A wonderful way to expand your doula services in your community.

This Doula Training is accessible to anyone, anywhere, all over the world, with audio and video recordings that can be accessed at anytime – either streamed, or download and listen on the go! If you choose to complete the full Doula certification, you will have a choice of times for the live calls that will suit your time zone.

Via the full Doula Certification Course Bundle you will gain the confidence and skills you need to serve those in your community who are giving birth – be it in a hospital, home birth or birth centre.

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This course will take you approximately 30 hours to complete and includes a total of 9.5 hours of video footage and 6 hours of audio lessons as well as a comprehensive manual, 5 quizzes, journalling, reading and self reflection.

The course content is broken down as follows:

Role of A Doula

Introductory Grounding Visualisation (audio 16:56)

The What is a Doula? (video 39.45)

Physiological Birth and the Stages of Labour

Lecture: Pre-labour, First Stage, Transition (video 45:27)

Lecture: 2nd Stage, Birth, Placenta & the Golden Hour (video 57:07)

Birthing & the Stages of Labour (video 55:23)

Lecture: Hormones of Pregnancy & Birth (video 40:14)

Medical Intervention

Lecture: What is Medical Intervention and the Cascade of Intervention? (video 59:53)

Gentle Caesarian Birth (video 27:15)

Practical: Active Birth

Positions for Labour (video 21:04)

Acupressure for Birth (video 10:51)

Hands on Massage for Birth (video 13:25)

Rebozo for Pregnancy & Birth (video 15:57)

Birth Stories 

Trish’s Birth Story (audio 32:17)

Abby’s Birth Story (audio 36:46)

Birth Plans (video 12:06)

Tools and Tips for Doulas

What’s in my Doula Bag (video 14:41)

Practical Tips for Doulas (video 37:34)

Communication Skills

Reflective and Active Listening (video 10:56)

Supporting Trauma and when to Refer (audio 49:14)

Postpartum Support 

Lecture: Breast Feeding Support (video 31:50)

Self Awareness/ Personal Growth for Doulas (audio 12:00)

Establishing Doula Practice/ Client Completion

Marketing & Finding Clients (video 13:54)

PRACTICAL: Connecting with the Soul of your Doula Business (video 20:04)

Doula Client Meetings and Saying Goodbye (audio 11:20)

Virtual Doula Support (video 5:49)

BONUS CONTENT! Mother Blessing/Blessing Way Circle (video 3:36 plus detailed guide in manual)

Course Completion

Imposter Syndrome (video 2:17)

Where to next? (video 3:28)


NB The Doula Certification Module is an extra level of study not listed above and includes 3 live one to one video calls, attendance at 3 trainee births, and attendance at a childbirth education class/course.

This course is offered in two sections.

The first section is the main Doula Training Course as outlined in the previous tab and is pre-recorded for you to work through the videos, audio, journaling and self practice in your own time. The videos and audio are in bite-size chunks for you to fit them into your busy life!

This main body of the training provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need as a Birth Doula, and also suitable should you simply want to deepen your knowledge in the area of birth and not yet ready to attend births.

The second part of this course is the Doula Certification Module which comprises of three live one on one video calls with one of our senior Doula trainers,  and also requires you to attend a childbirth education class. You will need to attend three ‘trainee’ births to fulfil this part of the course. This part of the course gives you the support you will need as a new Birth Doula. You can read more about the  Mentoring & Certification Module here.

So if you’re wanting to deepen your knowledge of birth but not quite ready to be a practicing Doula, you can choose to do the first part of the course only. However if you plan to practice as a Birth Doula it is strongly encouraged that you complete both the Birth Doula Training and the Doula Certification Module – we offer these both as a bundle together. The Doula Certification Module will offer you the one on one guidance and support via mentoring that will help you step confidently into being a Doula.

If you choose to do the Doula Training alone, you have two years to enrol in the Doula Mentoring & Certification Module should you wish to pursue  Doula Certification.

Time wise, we estimate it will take you approximately 30 hours to complete this course, give or take. Plus, the recommended reading you choose from the comprehensive list given, personal exploration and any further research you wish to undertake. You will have 12 months to access and complete this core course although the materials are yours to download forever.

If you enrol in the full Doula Training, Mentoring & Certification Bundle you will have 18 months to complete both elements of the training. (NB Extensions are available for a small fee). It’s impossible to estimate how long you will spend in birth preparation sessions and attending births as a student doula (as we know the labour and birthing process may be l-o-n-g, or sometimes very fast!). However, please know that every hour you spend with pregnant and birthing families is invaluable in building your body of knowledge and hands-on experience as a birth doula.

At the present time, Doula as a profession is not regulated in any countries around the world.

There is no national or international body that recognizes a standard of training for Doulas. Rest assured that our trainers are fully recognised as experts in their field and the training curriculum meets all the requirements for you to confidently work as a Birth Doula. The Celebration of Birth Academy/Bliss Baby Yoga Certificate is in-line with other doula training organisations, such as Childbirth International or DONA. From a legal perspective a doula is not practicing as a medical professional and, as long as you are working under the guidelines covered in the training, has no legal liability to clients.

A Certificate of Attendance is issued on completion of the Birth Doula Training. If you choose the Certification module you will receive an additional Certificate of Completion once you have completed all the requirements, including attendance at 3 births as a student doula and participation in a childbirth education class.

If you are a Prenatal Yoga Teacher you will be able to register 12 hours of this course as CEP points with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia (and possibly other local Yoga Organisations, we suggest you check within your community).

For Prenatal Yoga Teachers wanting to claim CEP/CPD points:

A Certificate of Attendance (PDF electronic file) is provided once you’ve completed the course. The total course hours on this completion certificate is 12 non-contact hours.

You can either print out the certificate or keep it digitally to upload to registration bodies (eg: Yoga Alliance / Yoga Australia) to gain all-important CPD (Continuing Professional Development Points).

When claiming under Yoga Alliance, please use Nadine O’Mara under Bliss Baby Yoga as the YACEP provider.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this course, delivery and accreditation, please see below.

  • How is this Doula Training different to other trainings? Many of our students who choose to train with us are interested in the mother-centred holistic approach, as well as the sacred birthing wisdom offered in the training. The major difference in our training is the combination of educational, experiential, creative and hands-on skills, plus the personal discovery aspects, which we believe are essential when working in this intimate and sensitive area with pregnant people and their partners.


  • What is the difference between this Doula Training Course & the Doula Certification Course Bundle? If you are interested in knowing more about birth and perhaps not quite ready to start practicing as a Doula, you can complete the Birth Doula Training course alone. You may also just love learning about birth and want to enrich what you already know, then this is the course for you! If you plan to start practicing as a Doula soon, we highly recommend enrolling in the Certification Mentoring Module as you launch your Doula career and begin to attend births. This additional mentoring module includes three live video calls to support your attendance at the required 3 births as a Student Doula and participation in a Childbirth Education Course. NB You can always purchase the Certification Module later when you are ready to start practicing as a Doula.


  • Do I need to have a background in birth or be a yoga teacher to begin training as a Birth Doula?  No previous qualifications are necessary to join the training, apart from a desire to support and empower women in their choices for a fulfilling birth experience. Unlike our other courses, this is not a yoga teacher training course and you do not need to have completed any yoga teacher training. You can train as a Birth Doula to begin a new career path, or to expand your existing knowledge and services in the area of pregnancy and birth. This course is a perfect complement to many other professions, such as Prenatal Yoga Teaching, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, Women’s Health etc.


  • Can I practice as a Doula with the standard initial Doula Training course only? We suggest that for safe practice and insurance reasons, if you plan to be a practicing Doula you complete the full certification stream so that you have one on one mentoring with our senior doula trainers who can help guide you through your first births.


  • Is there a time limit to complete the Bliss Baby Yoga online courses? Yes, you have access to this course online for 12 months. However you can download all the videos and keep them forever. If you purchase the bundle of Doula Course and Certification Module, you have 18 months in total to complete your training. 


  • If I’m not sure I want to become a practicing Doula but love birth! At this stage if I do the Doula Training only, is there a time limit to return to do the Certification Module? Yes, you have up to two years to enrol in the Certification Module after you finish the initial Doula Training and then another 12 months to complete your 3 student births.


  • Is this course registered with Yoga Alliance? If you are a Prenatal Yoga teacher doing this course , you can register your hours as CEP with Yoga Alliance (or Yoga Australia) for 12 non-contact hours. Please download your certificate after you have provided your feedback.

For answers to other questions, please click here.

Who is this course for?

This online Holistic Birth Doula Training is for anyone for has a passion for birth and wants to learn more!

You may be called to be a Birth Doula, gaining all the knowledge, tools and support you require via this training, or you may be a Prenatal Yoga Teacher wanting to understand more about birth to support your students.

This course is also suitable for anyone in any other therapeutic modalities working with pregnant people, such as acupuncturists, masseurs, naturopaths etc, who want to know more about birth.

You may have recently had a baby and feel so passionately about birth that you want to dive deeper, even if you are not yet ready to become a practicing Doula.

As a Doula, you are choosing a role that can be deeply fulfilling as you support birthing women and people in your local community at one of the most sacred times in their life.

Course Teacher
Anna Watts

Anna Watts, a beloved guest teacher for Bliss Baby Yoga since it’s beginning in Byron Bay, is a professional Childbirth Educator and Doula Trainer (Celebration of Birth Doula Academy) who has been working with pregnant women/couples for over 28 years.

Her wide experience includes Diploma in Childbirth Education, Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV Training & Assessment, training prenatal yoga teachers, facilitating women’s circles, birth classes, prenatal yoga and supporting many births as a doula. Anna is a mother to two beautiful, adult daughters.

Anna is the founding presenter on our Doula Training and is a specialty guest presenter on our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course.

w: celebrationofbirth.com

Nadine O'Mara

Nadine O’Mara is a Doula, experienced Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Trainer, Childbirth Educator and our Bliss Baby Yoga Director. She is passionate about supporting women’s health, especially around birth.

In addition to sharing her knowledge via many of our Bliss Baby Yoga online courses & classes, Nadine runs her business “Conscious Birth” providing doula support and yoga for women, their babies and partners around Bellingen on the NSW Mid-North Coast. She also offers birth education, self care and restorative yoga workshops for mothers, facilitates mother’s circles, family yoga and retreats for women and/or families. She believes that a gentle birth and the creation of a positive family life helps shape a more peaceful planet.

w: consciousbirth.com.au

Rosie Matheson

Rosie Matheson (E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP) is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator.  She has trained extensively in Hatha Yoga, and is also a qualified Doula. Rosie’s many offerings for women include classes, workshops, and teacher training courses in yoga for fertility, healthy menstruation, women’s life cycles, and both the prenatal and postnatal phases of life.

Rosie’s foundational work in women’s yoga was conducted during a three year residency on Koh Phangan, Thailand. There she participated in over 700 hours of Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training courses in addition to attending Yoga Therapy workshops, meditation courses, and a variety of women’s retreats and classes.

Teaching women close to home and across the globe, Rosie regularly leads trainings for students in the USA, Japan, Italy, and Australia. Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life.
Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere.

Rosie is a Senior Course Facilitator for our Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal & Postnatal and Fertility Yoga Teacher Training courses, online, throughout Australia and internationally, and also offers Online 1:1 Mentoring for yoga teachers and personalised yoga classes.

Nisha Gill

Nisha Gill is a Somatic Experiencing® (trauma) Practitioner and counsellor

Nisha practises using a range of bodymind approaches with her clients. Her special focus is on the resolution of birth, developmental, sexual, pre- & peri-natal and medical traumas.

 Nisha’s practice is informed by her experiences as birth and postnatal doula, birth educator, integrative bodyworker and female embodiment teacher. She is guided in her work by the profound intelligence of our mammalian bodies, and her mission is to promote perinatal experiences for babies and their families to the blueprint of birth with safety and close attunement in order to set them up for a lifetime of thriving.

 Nisha delivers trauma education to birth professionals, body-centred practitioners, sexuality coaches and families.  Applying a neuro-physiological lens to trauma, Nisha supports birth workers to value their therapeutic presence with the families they serve more wholly in minimising trauma and promoting resilience.

W: feminineinstincts.com.au

Valerie Hamilton

Valerie Hamilton is a registered nurse/midwife, childbirth educator and a qualified yoga teacher with a Masters of Midwifery and Graduate Diploma in Health Research. Valerie has lectured in anatomy and physiology, women’s health, life science, midwifery and prenatal yoga throughout Australia and overseas, with her most recent lecturing position being at Griffith University, Queensland.  She has also presented her qualitative midwifery research on student led antenatal clinics both nationally and internationally.



“The training exceeded my expectations in the holistic and spiritual approach to being a Doula” – Veronica

BIRTH DOULA TRAINING is for you if you are:

  • Passionate to follow your heart and offer holistic mother-centred support to women and families on the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth and becoming parents.
  • Believe in birth as an opportunity for inner exploration, growth and empowerment and wish to support informed choices for the most fulfilling experience possible.
  • Honour the spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy and birth and celebrate them as stepping stones along the path of parenting our children in a more conscious and connected way.
  • Ready to take the next step on the path of being a Birth Keeper– you understand this takes commitment, enthusiasm, focus and self-motivation, with the back-up of professional mentoring and peer support.
  • Excited to develop your own business with your unique offerings and the expertise most aligned with your personal vision and career goals.
What past course participants of have to say about this Online Doula Training and Celebration of Birth/Bliss Baby Yoga Courses
I highly recommend this (Celebration of Birth) training to anyone that is feeling called to be a Doula! This training is beautifully facilitated by Anna…. through her experience as a Doula and a Childbirth Educator, she shares the wisdom one needs to receive to become a confident, supportive and beautiful Doula.- Natasha
I loved my journey with the Bliss Baby Yoga online training. The online training didn't feel 'distant' at all - as the resources and community around BBY were so accessible and supportive. I'm able to immediately apply what I have learned and I feel confident to share this with other women. The feminine is so beautifully woven throughout the course content and delivered passionately by the presenters themselves. You can't help but feel this course speaks to you, personally. I absolutely loved it.- Holly
As a practicing Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner, there was a huge overlap in the initial knowledge (of this Online Doula Training), but I found the acupressure points, massage and robozo techniques particularly helpful and I look forward to implementing them into my doula work.Everything was really easy to navigate. I also really enjoyed seeing the mother blessing and I think I'll add that to my services too! On a personal level, I do feel better knowing I've certified officially, it helps with the imposter syndrome!!- Simone
Online Doula Training: The presenters were calm yet confident as they delivered the education, which is exactly how I want to take that education into the birth room. I especially loved the practical tips and support videos.- Tegan
I highly recommend the Celebration of Birth Doula Training with Anna Watts who has years of knowledge and much passion for birthing consciously. So if you have any desire to support birthing women, this is a well rounded and wholistic training- Emma
This (online) course cemented in the information and knowledge I gained throughout my own pregnancy with the support of a Doula. All the presenters showed great knowledge and passion throughout the course. I definitely connected best with the video & visual lectures, and the homework/reflections after each of the sessions. I ended up doing reflections after the modules that didn't ask of them as well as I think its a great learning tool.- Shelby

Watch a sneak peak of the online Doula Training as an enrolled student below!


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Online Birth Doula Training Course

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Doula Training
Doula Certification Module
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Doula Training Course


Doula Certification Module

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Ultimate Pregnancy & Birth Support Bundle:

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Doula Training
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
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Doula Training


Complete Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

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Doula Certification Module

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If you have enrolled in the Certification Module you can schedule in your one on one calls either during the Doula Training or proceed to do these once you have finished the first part of the training.

'The Bliss Baby Yoga Level 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is a woven together in a synergistic balance of theory and practical. The deeply feminine approach is clearly offered from a place of deep knowing as each of the facilitators draw on their wisdom and knowledge, sharing this information in an easily relatable and digestible way. Not only aesthetically pleasing, the platform is easy and seamless to navigate. It truly is fabulous! The final video call mentoring session phenomenal. Star held space so beautifully and offered supportive guidance which really landed in my bones. I loved this connection as the culmination of our studies, thank you. I feel really spoilt!' Kirstie (VIC, AUS), Online L1 & L2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'The course was exactly what I needed. I liked the emphasis on safety and the therapeutic recommendations for the various pregnancy related ailments. Ana’s style of teaching offers a practical approach, whilst being centred, empathetic and nurturing. The flexibility of being able to do the course in my own time was very much appreciated. I have a busy teaching schedule and I’m a mum so it was good to be able to take the time I needed to complete the course properly. I really liked the structure of the course, very clear and easy to follow.' Julia (UK), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga TT graduate
'I loved that I could do this course at my own pace. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and loved doing this course whilst pregnant! This has reignited my desire to teach, in a different way than I used to - softer and more feminine.' Casey (QLD, AUS), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'This course is so wholistic - I love how it truly focuses on the body and spirit of a new mama, and her growing/new babe. It’s not just asana. The course addresses the WHOLE mama, and I think that is invaluable. It’s exactly what I was looking for when researching online courses. It would’ve made more sense for me to do a course in the USA but I was really drawn to this one for the spiritual and emotional elements.' Amber (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I am loving this online fertility course that you (Rosie and Ana) have created. It is brilliant and so professional. It will be wonderfully supportive for me as I care for my clients. Thank you for the time and effort that must have gone into it.' Amanda (SA, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'This course was packed full of valuable information to help support a pregnant mom through her entire pregnancy and into the first several months of motherhood. It gave me an abundance of tangible material that is available to refer back to. I am completely satisfied with the contents of this course, which is accessible to anyone, anywhere, interested in developing their skills for prenatal and postnatal yoga. I have already recommended it to other teachers at our studio.' Mary (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I found your Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training course to be tremendously worthwhile and very enjoyable. The course was very practical and accessible. I was able to apply what I was learning right away since everything was laid out very clearly. I have a personal journey with infertility so the material was both personally and professionally valuable to me. Since it is a subject so close to me I was really able to feel the benefits of the various sequences.' Prairie (New Zealand), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'Both of the courses I have completed with Bliss Bay Yoga were so well done. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I must say that I have learnt more during your online course then during my residential 200h teacher training - I honestly couldn't expect that a remote training would be so helpful and constructive. Everything was perfect; the atmosphere, all of the knowledge. The course was very informative, useful and inspiring. I engaged in this course during a lockdown and with my newborn at home, and I couldn't be happier. The Baby Bliss Yoga team is very professional and thanks to this course I feel confident to start my teaching career.' Marica (Italy), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'Thank you so much for an amazing online course. I was so blown away by all the beautiful content and felt like I received such a deep level of learning from it. I have been craving more knowledge and depth into Yoga for Fertility and you well and truly delivered. I ran a small workshop from my home on Sunday to put what i had learnt to practice. It was an intimate group of 3 women and it was just so beautiful! Thank you again. I'm so so grateful!' Jenny (NSW, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility TT graduate
'I benefited from the Bliss Baby Yoga Online L1 Restorative Yoga TT course on both a personal and professional level. Personally, it worked as an anchor, it helped me through difficult times and I keep coming back to it every week to cultivate it's grounding effect. Professionally, I fell in love with the teaching of Restorative Yoga, it's my favorite Yoga style to teach, and I am very passionate about it and how I want to give it to my students. With the whole course and all the references you gave I feel comfortable about applying the knowledge and techniques I learned.' Anna (France), Online L1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate