Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood Online Course

About this course

This Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood Course is a comprehensive online yoga course that will deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and how that can support the three key stages of parenthood/motherhood: preconception, pregnancy and parenthood.

It’s a deep dive into the juicy aspects of ‘off-the-mat practice’ that will inspire you and your students (if you’re a yoga teacher) in your everyday life —no matter which stage of matrescence (and beyond) you/they are in.

Experienced yoga teachers and teacher trainers Ana Davis & Claire Holloway guide you through a fascinating exploration of the all important first two ‘limbs’ of the eight-limb path as presented in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. These are the Yama & Niyama, which form the foundation for all other ‘limbs’ or aspects of the wholistic mind-body-spirit discipline that is Yoga, and which Claire & Ana reflect on deeply through a feminine lens.

That’s what makes this course so special and unique. Not only does it give you a thoughtful interpretation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras but you’ll gain the tools – both theoretical and practical – to help you understand these ancient ideas within our contemporary context as women and parents. This understanding can then support and uplift you in your personal life as well as your professional vocation as a yoga teacher.

The course is divided into two sections:

  1. Core course content: learn about the 5 x Yama and 5 x Niyama and how they relate to the three stages of parenthood, offering an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth as a woman/ parent as well as deepening your yoga philosophy study.
  2. Facilitation content: we provide you with the resources to offer this course as an in-person 10 week course to parents-to-be/parents in your community.

If you’re a parent or you are hoping to become a parent, this yoga program is perfect for you to enrich your journey.

If you’re a yoga teacher, regardless of whether you’re a parent or not, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and tools in this course so that you can share the ancient, time-tested ideas from the Yoga Sutras with your yoga community of parents and parents-to-be.

The Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenting course utlises yoga’s vast array of practical tools—the physical practices (Asana), breath practices (Pranayama), meditation, relaxation and visualisation practices—all threaded together by the profound wisdom that can be uncovered within the Yoga Sutras.

All course materials are pre-recorded for you to work through at your own pace and thus fit around work & family life.

The creators of this course, Claire and Ana, have tried to keep it as practical and accessible as possible. This is a long way from dry, academic lecture halls!

The methodology behind this course is designed to be engaging and experiential. The course artfully combines the all important foundational yoga philosophy theory that underpins an understanding and appreciation of the Yama & Niyama with numerous practical components.

This mix of prac and theory includes:

  • Video lectures (including powerpoint slides packed with information)
  • Asana (yoga posture) videos
  • Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and other audios 
  • Journaling prompts for reflection and self-development 
  • Quizzes to help you consolidate your understanding as you go
  • 3 beautifully presented course manuals
  • Student handbook, templates, facilitation curriculum and guidance to facilitate your own Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood 10-week Program.

On completion of this course, if you’re a yoga teacher, you will be able to offer your own Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood course as a ten week program to your community.

By undertaking our Bliss Baby Yoga course you will not only deepen your knowledge and integration of the Yoga Sutras (through a unique feminine perspective) but you also have the opportunity to create an additional revenue flow as a yoga teacher by offering this course as a special program to your yoga students!

Run as a  10-week program, here’s an example of how you can advertise this as an offering to your yoga community:

  • connection with other parents/parents-to-be gentle movement and breathing exercises,

  •  weekly guided reflections upon 10 core components of yoga philosophy,

  • time for journaling/reflection and discussion/sharing in a group format

  • a comprehensive manual in the format of a guided journal

Enrol today! Payment plans are available.

This course will take you approximately 15 hours to complete and includes a total of 5 hours of video footage and 3.5 hours of audio lessons (all downloadable to keep forever) offered as:

  • 17 x Asana practices (videos)
  • 3 x Pranayama practices (videos)
  • 11 x guided meditations (audio)


  • 4 x quizzes
  • 2 x comprehensive manuals
  • 3 x student handbooks for course facilitation
  • journalling, reading and self reflection

*Note on the included manuals: the course consists of a comprehensive course manual covering the 10 Yama and 10 Niyamas as related to the three stages of matrescence.

The second manual is a facilitator manual providing a framework for those Prenatal/ Postnatal yoga teachers who wish to offer the course content as a workshop to yoga students/ parents within their community. As a resource for presenting this workshop, also included are 3 handbooks for the workshop participants (these are the information in the main course manual divided into user-friendly handbooks for each stage of matrescence).


The course content is broken down as follows:

The 8 Limbs Through a Feminine Lens

Heart Healing Motherhood Meditation: Audio 15:55

8 Limbs of Yoga and Motherhood: Video Lecture 60:10

Yamas and Niyamas

Studying Yama & Niyama Audio 4:43

What is Matrescence? Audio 3:22

Yama and Niyama for Conception 

Conception Theory: Video Lecture 60:12

Ahimsa for Conception: Audio 2:36

Metta Meditation for Conception: Audio 14:12

Satya for Conception: Video Prac 12:08

Asteya for Conception: Video Prac 6:16

Brahmacharya for Conception: Audio 9:55

Aparigraha for Conception: Audio 13:27

Saucha for Conception: Audio 11:36

Santosha for Conception: Video Prac 2:26

Tapas for Conception: Video Prac 7:03

Svadhyaya for Conception: Audio 11:23

Ishvara Pranidhana for Conception: Video Prac 3:33

Yama and Niyama for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Theory: Video Lecture 43:50

Ahimsa for Pregnancy: Audio x 2  2:56 & 14:45

Satya for Pregnancy: Audio 14:05

Asteya for Pregnancy: Video Prac 7:20

Brahmacharya for Pregnancy: Video Prac 5:05

Aparigraha for Pregnancy: Video Prac 13:48

Saucha for Pregnancy: Audio 8:19

Santosha for Pregnancy: Video Prac 10:29

Tapas for Pregnancy: Video Prac 14:27

Svadhyaya for Pregnancy: Video Prac 18:27

Ishvara Pranidhana for Pregnancy: Video Prac 6:14

Yama and Niyama for Parenthood

Parenthood Theory : Video Lecture 44:50

Ahimsa for Parenthood: Audio 12:42

Satya for Parenthood: Audio 11:53

Asteya for Parenthood: Video Prac 2:30

Brahmacharya for Parenthood: Video Prac 4:17

Aparigraha for Parenthood: Video Prac 9:26

Saucha for Parenthood: Video Prac 2:32

Santosha for Parenthood: Video Prac 2:17

Tapas for Parenthood: Video Prac 4:56

Svadhyaya for Parenthood: Audio 12:33

Ishvara Pranidhana for Parenthood: Video Prac 2:11

Putting the Principles into Practice

Reflections and Summary

Creating and Facilitating a Group Program: Audio 29:56




This course is offered as six chapters comprising a total of forty one lessons. All materials are pre-recorded and downloadable to keep forever. You will have 12 months access to complete the course either online or via our app.

Anyone can do this course, whether they are looking to conceive, pregnant or already a parent, and so much however if you wish to offer this course to others as a facilitator you must be a Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga Teacher (or training as one).

The first five chapters provide you with information to be able to reflect upon and apply yogic philosophy on your own parenting journey/journey of matrescence. The sixth chapter gives you the information you will need to run this course for parents as a ten week program. As a facilitator, you might also choose to run the program as a weekend workshop, or as a series of evening workshops that incorporates the ten modules of the course.

There are four quizzes to help you incorporate the information shared in the course. You will need a minimum of 80% in each quiz to move onto the next lesson.

Time wise, we estimate it will take you approximately 15 hours to complete this course, give or take, including reading of the manuals and personal exploration. You may take longer for any further research you wish to undertake.

You can access the course via login to your online account or via our app! Download the app from your App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android) using this link on your device. Your course progression will sync between the app and your online account automatically.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with others enrolled in the course via the “Discussion” thread under each lesson. So you need not feel alone on the journey!

Should you like personal mentoring from Claire in setting up the ten week program for students then please purchase the bundle at the bottom this page (scroll down) that includes a one hour live video call with Claire.

You will be required to pass all four quizzes with a minimum pass of 80% (don’t worry you will have another chance if you don’t pass first time!)

When you have completed all quizzes and gone through all content you will be asked to give us feedback on the course and then able to download a certificate that you can use for CEP hours with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Australia or your local governing body for yoga.

For Yoga Teachers wanting to claim CEP/CPD points:

A Certificate of Attendance (PDF electronic file) is provided once you’ve completed the course. The total course hours on this completion certificate is 15 non-contact hours.

You can either print out the certificate or keep it digitally to upload to registration bodies (eg: Yoga Alliance / Yoga Australia) to gain all-important CPD (Continuing Professional Development Points).

When claiming under Yoga Alliance, please use Ana Davis under Bliss Baby Yoga as the YACEP provider.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this course, delivery and accreditation, please see below.

  • Do I need to be a yoga teacher to do this course? Unlike many of our other trainings, you don’t need to be a yoga teacher to do this course and gain a lot from a personal perspective. However we do require you to be a Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga Teacher if you are going to facilitate the program for other parents. This is so we can ensure you have a deeper understanding of the origins of yogic philosophy before teaching these concepts to others.


  • Can I claim the hours for this course as CEP points with Yoga Alliance? Yes you can. You can claim this course as 15 non-contact hours. Please refer to the “Accreditation” tab for further details.


  • Is there a time limit to complete the Bliss Baby Yoga online courses? Yes, you have access to this course online for 12 months. However you can download all the videos and keep them forever.

For answers to other questions, please click here.

Who is this course for?

This online Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood course is for anyone who wants to live more consciously on their parenting path.

Whether you are looking to conceive, currently pregnant or parenting children of any age, this course will inspire you to tread with greater awareness and understanding. You will learn to apply the principles of yoga for your own self growth and in your development as a parent via lectures, Asana & Pranayama practices, meditation and journalling.

If you are a Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga Teacher then you will also have the opportunity to run this course for other parents and create a further revenue stream! You will be provided with the materials and information you need to offer this as a ten week course for others.

What’s more, as a yoga teacher you will be able to deepen your current students’ experience within your weekly Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes. By sharing the knowledge you will learn in this course you will encourage your students to take their yoga off the mat and into their daily lives. Your students will love you for it and it will add an extra dimension to your teaching.

This course is easily accessible, broken down in small “chunks” to integrate into your week. You can also take it with you to listen/watch on the go via our app!

Course Teachers
Ana Davis

Ana Davis (E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP, Yoga Australia Registered Level 3 Senior teacher, qualified Doula, Dip. Remedial Massage, B.A. Honours) has long been passionate about exploring the benefits of yoga and meditation for women’s monthly and life cycles.

Ana has been a keen yoga practitioner since 1990, teaching yoga since 1996, and in 2005 founded Bliss Baby Yoga – offering specialised yoga teacher training courses in the areas of Prenatal, Postnatal, Restorative and Women’s Yoga. In 2013, Ana also founded Moving with the Moon which offers workshops and classes on yoga for the menstrual cycle, menopause and fertility.

Ana’s first book “Moving with the Moon: Nurturing Yoga, Movement and Meditation for Every Phase of your Menstrual Cycle and Beyond” was released in late-2018, and is now available in print-book and E-book formats.

Ana, a mother-of-one, is passionate about sharing the benefits and joys of yoga for every stage of one’s life journey.

Ana is the lead presenter for our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course and Online L1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course, and co-facilitator of our Online Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training course. She also offers Online 1:1 Mentoring for yoga teachers and personalised yoga classes.

Claire Holloway

Claire Holloway is the founder of The Centre of Bright Beginnings, offering yoga, corrective exercise and educational support for those embarking upon or moving through the journey of matresence – not only those identifying as mothers, but any parents and care-givers or parents-to-be.
She studies and shares yoga through the lens of her personal experiences of becoming and being a mother. The cyclical nature of life and living are a prevalent theme running through her offerings and she is passionate about sharing the full breadth of yoga’s ancient wisdom in a modern and practical way relevant to parents of today.
Claire is a mother of two and enjoys living in beachside Scarborough, Western Australia, where she shares yoga with the local community.

W: www.yourbrightbeginning.com.au

IG: @yourbrightbeginning

FB: yourbrightbeginning

“I did this course whilst pregnant and it was a lovely way to prepare myself for parenthood with practical tools. I’m excited to revisit the course as a parent now. I highly recommend this course, it would be enriching whilst pregnant or at any stage of parenting.” – Katie

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What past participants of the Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood Course say
Claire has a beautiful blend of knowledge and understanding. Her classes and workshops convey the depth of training and knowledge she has. Those qualities, combined with her empathy for and understanding of the individual, creates a truly gentle and safe experience.- Leanne
I absolutely loved Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood, the course was the highlight of my week. Claire’s warm, calm, open and kind nature was such a lovely energy to learn from. I loved engaging with the course teachings through my week. I did the course whilst pregnant and it was a lovely way to prepare myself for parenthood with practical tools, I’m excited to revisit the course as a parent now. I highly recommend this course, it would be enriching whilst pregnant or at any stage of parenting.- Katie
Attending Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood in early postpartum eased my transition into motherhood......it was an anchor in my week!- Amy
Claire conveys her vast knowledge of yoga and our connection with our bodies, mind and external environment in a way that is easily understood by first timers and experienced yogis.- Monique

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Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood Course


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Pelvic Floor Anatomy & Physiology Module

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Practical Yoga Philosophy for Parenthood Course
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If you have enrolled in the Certification Module you can schedule in your one on one calls either during the Doula Training or proceed to do these once you have finished the first part of the training.

'The course was exactly what I needed. I liked the emphasis on safety and the therapeutic recommendations for the various pregnancy related ailments. Ana’s style of teaching offers a practical approach, whilst being centred, empathetic and nurturing. The flexibility of being able to do the course in my own time was very much appreciated. I have a busy teaching schedule and I’m a mum so it was good to be able to take the time I needed to complete the course properly. I really liked the structure of the course, very clear and easy to follow.' Julia (UK), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga TT graduate
'The Bliss Baby Yoga Level 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is a woven together in a synergistic balance of theory and practical. The deeply feminine approach is clearly offered from a place of deep knowing as each of the facilitators draw on their wisdom and knowledge, sharing this information in an easily relatable and digestible way. Not only aesthetically pleasing, the platform is easy and seamless to navigate. It truly is fabulous! The final video call mentoring session phenomenal. Star held space so beautifully and offered supportive guidance which really landed in my bones. I loved this connection as the culmination of our studies, thank you. I feel really spoilt!' Kirstie (VIC, AUS), Online L1 & L2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'This course is so wholistic - I love how it truly focuses on the body and spirit of a new mama, and her growing/new babe. It’s not just asana. The course addresses the WHOLE mama, and I think that is invaluable. It’s exactly what I was looking for when researching online courses. It would’ve made more sense for me to do a course in the USA but I was really drawn to this one for the spiritual and emotional elements.' Amber (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I am loving this online fertility course that you (Rosie and Ana) have created. It is brilliant and so professional. It will be wonderfully supportive for me as I care for my clients. Thank you for the time and effort that must have gone into it.' Amanda (SA, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'I loved that I could do this course at my own pace. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and loved doing this course whilst pregnant! This has reignited my desire to teach, in a different way than I used to - softer and more feminine.' Casey (QLD, AUS), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'This course was packed full of valuable information to help support a pregnant mom through her entire pregnancy and into the first several months of motherhood. It gave me an abundance of tangible material that is available to refer back to. I am completely satisfied with the contents of this course, which is accessible to anyone, anywhere, interested in developing their skills for prenatal and postnatal yoga. I have already recommended it to other teachers at our studio.' Mary (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'Thank you so much for an amazing online course. I was so blown away by all the beautiful content and felt like I received such a deep level of learning from it. I have been craving more knowledge and depth into Yoga for Fertility and you well and truly delivered. I ran a small workshop from my home on Sunday to put what i had learnt to practice. It was an intimate group of 3 women and it was just so beautiful! Thank you again. I'm so so grateful!' Jenny (NSW, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility TT graduate
'I benefited from the Bliss Baby Yoga Online L1 Restorative Yoga TT course on both a personal and professional level. Personally, it worked as an anchor, it helped me through difficult times and I keep coming back to it every week to cultivate it's grounding effect. Professionally, I fell in love with the teaching of Restorative Yoga, it's my favorite Yoga style to teach, and I am very passionate about it and how I want to give it to my students. With the whole course and all the references you gave I feel comfortable about applying the knowledge and techniques I learned.' Anna (France), Online L1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I found your Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training course to be tremendously worthwhile and very enjoyable. The course was very practical and accessible. I was able to apply what I was learning right away since everything was laid out very clearly. I have a personal journey with infertility so the material was both personally and professionally valuable to me. Since it is a subject so close to me I was really able to feel the benefits of the various sequences.' Prairie (New Zealand), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'Both of the courses I have completed with Bliss Bay Yoga were so well done. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I must say that I have learnt more during your online course then during my residential 200h teacher training - I honestly couldn't expect that a remote training would be so helpful and constructive. Everything was perfect; the atmosphere, all of the knowledge. The course was very informative, useful and inspiring. I engaged in this course during a lockdown and with my newborn at home, and I couldn't be happier. The Baby Bliss Yoga team is very professional and thanks to this course I feel confident to start my teaching career.' Marica (Italy), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate