Perinatal Nutrition and Ayurveda Extension Module

About this course

Taught by a Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic Practitioner, this online extension-learning package consists of two online lectures—’Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition’ and ‘Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Birth‘.  Along with these informative and inspiring lectures the course includes detailed written notes, and aims to deepen your understanding of how nutrition, as well as an understanding of a woman’s constitutional ‘type’, from both the holistic western and eastern perspectives, can support women on the journey to motherhood.

This special extension module is designed as complementary knowledge for prenatal/postnatal yoga teachers, fertility yoga teachers, birth workers, and any women’s health professional. It can be undertaken in conjunction (either before or after) with our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher Training Courses, our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Yoga for Fertility Training Course, or as a stand-alone course.

*Please note, it does not equip you to give Ayurvedic or nutritional advice to students.

Module 1: Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

Nutritionist and yoga teacher Kaye Waterhouse offers a wealth of information on how the right kind of nutrition can support women throughout the journey of preconception, during pregnancy, and into new motherhood.

Kaye’s online lecture offers a detailed analysis of the unique nutritional needs of women and is packed with fascinating statistics and science-based information and covers:

  • Important nutrients for optimal fertility
  • Key nutrients for pregnancy to support healthy development of the baby-in-utero and optimum vitality and energy for the mother-to-be
  • Key nutrients for breastfeeding mothers
  • Important information on the connection between our hormonal system and nervous system to support optimal health during preconception and pregnancy
  • Understanding healthy weight gain (or not) during pregnancy
  • Food safety for pregnancy
  • Supporting nausea / morning sickness with nutrition
  • Understanding the prenatal and postpartum conditions of Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia and Postnatal Depression and how to support these conditions with nutrition
  • Benefits of breastfeeding

What students say about Kaye’s lecture:

“Kaye was 10 out of 10, she knows her stuff and was able to cover a huge amount in a short lecture time.” – Felicity West

“Obviously a very well-versed professional,” – Kate O’Callaghan

Module 2: Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Birth

In Emma Grant’s online lecture you will gain a fascinating insight into how an understanding of Ayurveda, the ancient sister-science to yoga, can support women during their pregnancy, during labour and into motherhood.

Senior Bliss Baby Yoga Facilitator and Ayurvedic Practitioner Emma Grant has a talent for simplifying and demystifying the principles of Ayurveda and adapting them to the unique needs of pregnant and birthing women.

This comprehensive session includes the following content:

  • Understanding your unique ‘dosha’ (Ayurvedic constitution)
  • Dietary measures and natural health tools (including yoga) to balance an excess in each of the three ‘doshas’ and 5 elements.
  • Key Ayurvedic dietary tips for a balanced and healthy pregnancy
  • Ayurvedic tips for supporting different constitutional types of women in labour

After joining this online lecture, choc-full of simple, yet profound wisdom, you will undoubtedly experience some ‘aha’ moments about your own personality and health, whether you are pregnant or not.

For prenatal yoga teachers, you will receive a deeper understanding of how the natural health modality of Ayurveda can support your pregnant students in their daily lives, in your prenatal yoga classes, and even in the birthing room.

There are comprehensive notes accompanying this session as well as a handy (and enlightening!) questionnaire to determine your own unique ‘dosha’, or Ayurvedic constitution, including any health imbalances you may have developed.

Praise for Emma’s lecture:

“This session offered great content for helping prenatal mums in my yoga sessions. Emma Grant sounds lovely and personable and she seems to really know women.” – Maria Van De Munckhof

  • 1 x 1 hr 45 min online video lecture with Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher Kaye Waterhouse: “Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition”
  • Accompanying detailed notes
  • 1 x 1 hr 50 min online video lecture with Ayurvedic Practitioner and Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Emma Grant: “Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Birth”
  • Accompanying detailed notes including a special Dosha Questionnaire (determine what your unique Ayurvedic ‘dosha’ or constitution is).
  • 2 x short quizzes to test your understanding and to help you integrate the knowledge covered in the two lectures

Course comprises 5 non-contact hours in total, which can count towards required CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours for Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia members (certificate of completion issued upon completion of the final quiz).

Because we understand that you’re fitting this course around other commitments that may include yoga teaching, working, or being a mother, you have 12 months to complete this course, and the information and resources in this course downloadable (yours to keep forever). How you pace your study-load, that’s up to you, and what works best for your lifestyle.

Once you’ve enrolled and your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent an email with your log-in details to log into our special student section of the website where you can get started with your course.

Our Perinatal Nutrition and Ayurveda Extension Module is easy to navigate—it’s all clearly laid out and you don’t have to be a ‘techy’ person to figure it out!

This extension module consists of 2 modules with a short quiz after each module.  The quizzes are designed to help you consolidate the knowledge we share with you. An 80% pass mark is required, but don’t worry, the questions are multiple choice/ true-false and you can re-do it as many times as you need to.

Once you’ve reviewed all the content and passed the quizzes, you just need to give us your feedback (your feedback is sooo important to us!) and then you’ll receive your Completion Certificate that you can either print out or keep digitally to send to registration bodies (eg: Yoga Alliance / Yoga Australia) to gain all-important CPD (Continuing Professional Development Points).  The hours on your Completion Certificate for which you’ll be able claim CPDs are 5 hours.

A Completion Certificate (PDF electronic file) is provided once you’ve completed the course. The total course hours on this completion certificate is 5 non-contact hours.

Members of both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia are required to complete ongoing professional development to keep their membership current. By completing our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Extension Modules, teachers are able to accrue some of these necessary professional development hours as well as enhance their knowledge and skills in this specialised area of women’s health.

For Yoga Australia members, 12 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) must be accrued each year to keep your membership active. These can be accrued through contact or non-contact hours of study. Our Online Perinatal Nutrition & Ayurveda Extension Module is non-contact study, however as our course includes an assessment component (online quizzes), for Yoga Australia members (as per their Continuing Education Policy) the hours spent completing our course are counted as contact hours, ‘related’ to yoga teaching (1 point per 2 hours of training). This Online Extension Module is 5 hours, so Yoga Australia members will accrue 2.5 CPD points.

For Yoga Alliance members, according to their Continuing Education Requirements, every 3 years starting from your initial date of registration, each RYT and E-RYT must complete and log a minimum of:

  1. 45 hours teaching yoga, and
  2. 30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of the Educational Categories, of which:

Our Online Perinatal Nutrition & Ayurveda Extension Module (5 non-contact hours) can therefore count towards the 20 non-contact hours of study and contribute to these CPD requirements. (Please note – Yoga Alliance does not count nutrition content towards CPD points, therefore 4 of the 5 hours included in this course can be used for required CPD hours, with a breakdown of the Yoga Alliance Education Category hours listed on the certificate of completion).

PLEASE NOTE that our Bliss Baby Yoga training courses are designed as post-graduate study for qualified yoga teachers, and are not alone designed to qualify graduates to teach prenatal / postnatal yoga classes to the public if they are not yet a qualified yoga teacher (having completed a minimum Level 1 / 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training).

The pre-requisite to enrol in our courses is at least 6-12 months consistent prior yoga practice experience – so that you are familiar with the basic postures / practices / terminology and can therefore gain the most from this training. We strongly recommend undertaking a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in addition to our specialised teaching before teaching any public classes, so that you can be insured as a qualified yoga teacher. This Extension Module is recommended to be taken in conjunction with or following completion of our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course or equivalent study.

FAQ: Can I get RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) registration with Yoga Alliance by completing the Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course / Extension Modules?

Unfortunately Yoga Alliance RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) certification cannot be achieved through distance or online education, such as our Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course, as there is a requirement of at least 75 contact hours of study (face-to-face training with a certified teacher). Any hours of study completed via distance / online are considered ‘non-contact’ hours.

Upon completion of our online training, graduates are issued with a Completion Certificate- noting the hours and content completed, and bearing our Yoga Alliance RPYS (Registered Prenatal Yoga School) stamp. This certificate can be submitted for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points for your Yoga Alliance / Yoga Australia membership.

Read our responses to further frequently asked questions here.

Read more about accreditation here.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Extension Module course delivery and accreditation, including the following, please click here.

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Who is this course for

This module offers valuable professional development for already qualified prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga teachers, helping deepen your background knowledge to better support your students.
It is also suitable for pregnant women, or those wishing to conceive, offering a rich array of tips and inspiration on how the right kind of healthy, balanced diet along with an understanding of the principles of Ayurveda can support your health and wellbeing during your pregnancy and can also prepare you for birth and motherhood.
This module is also an ideal complement to the Bliss Baby Yoga Online Complete (Prenatal & Postnatal) Yoga Course or the Online Yoga for Fertility Course as it extends upon the information covered within these courses.
And it may also be of benefit to women’s health workers in related fields—eg: midwives, doulas, physiotherapists, massage therapists..
Note, you do not need any prior knowledge of Ayurveda to undertake this course and it does not equip you to give Ayurvedic or nutritional advice to your students.

Course Teachers
Kaye Waterhouse


Kaye Waterhouse is a passionate Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Writer, Yoga Teacher and Studio Director & Owner of Vital Beat Yoga in Perth WA, and Mama of one.

Food is her religion, and she guides women – mothers in particular – to make simple, yet life-altering changes to their lives through the healing power of whole foods. Her mission is to empower women to take ownership of their own health and that of their families, by offering them the tools and advice necessary to create their own happy, healthy life.

She believes in growing food, shopping locally, chemical free living, and fostering abundance and enjoyment of eating rather than deprivation and guilt.


Kind words about Kaye from our course graduates:
“Kaye was 10 out of 10, she knows her stuff and was able to cover a huge amount in a short lecture time.” – Felicity West
Emma Grant


Emma Grant has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2001. She has trained and studied with Swami Satchidananda of Integral Yoga in the U.S., Pattahbi Jois of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Desikachar, son of Krishnamacharya in India.

Upon returning to Sydney, Emma was offered to teach a prenatal yoga class and within a month she was pregnant with her first child. She has maintained her practice of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda throughout her 2 pregnancies and into motherhood. She has trained in pregnancy and postnatal yoga, iRest Level 1, and has studied Ayurveda at Naturecare College (Sydney), as well as with Ayurvedic Doctors in India.

Emma founded a womens studio in Byron Bay, Red Tent Yoga which she ran and taught in for 8 years, and now continues in the form of local classes and online courses.

Emma works as a Senior Bliss Baby Yoga teacher trainer in the areas of Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga internationally, and teaches regular Prenatal, Postnatal, Mums n Bubs and Mums n Toddlers yoga classes in Byron Bay.


Kind words about Emma from our course graduates:
“This session offered great content for helping prenatal mums in my yoga sessions. Emma Grant sounds lovely and personable and she seems to really know women.” – Maria Van De Munckhof
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What past course participants say
'This is really beneficial - I wish I had these handouts and charts during my own pregnancy! I have learned a lot about myself and will be able to apply this in my work with pregnant women and moms. Both presenters were very knowledgeable and easy to follow. The module was very practical and accessible – I will definitely be able to apply these teachings, especially in my yoga classes and most definitely applying to my personal life.'- Bethany, USA
'I loved this module! I was already fascinated by Ayurveda in my personal practice, but knowing how pregnancy can affect a woman’s constitution and how to navigate this in a healthy, positive way will be extremely healthy as a doula and yoga instructor! I have a much better understanding now of the interactions between different foods / movements / senses and the Doshas. Thank you for such thorough and easy-to-follow instruction!'- Amanda, USA
'I really love how thorough the information was. I have learned a little about Ayurveda previously, but never from a perspective that is beneficial for women specifically. I also really love the accompanying handouts for reference.'- Keyana, USA
'Amazing speakers and I feel so inspired and filled up after listening to these passionate women speak on topics they clearly love as well as being knowledgeable in.'- Felicity, New Zealand
'I learnt a lot of new and interesting information from this Online Module. I found the course to be accessible – there was so much information, but it was easily digested and will be easy to put into my classes and teaching. Kaye and Emma were both very easy to listen to.'- Natalie, UK
'I’m very interested in Ayurveda, so learning how to apply Ayurvedic concepts to pregnancy and birth was fascinating. Both presenters were very informative.'- Tiana, New Zealand
'The ease of following the material and the course notes provided made this extension even more enjoyable. I really enjoyed the combination of audio / slides presentation / course notes - so helpful to use both together or change between them depending on my situation (able to listen or only read).'- Kylie, QLD, Australia
'I enjoyed this online module very much. I have dabbled in Ayurveda a bit, but not yet during pregnancy or to the level that some of this module covered. It was very in depth, informative, and just the right amount of compassion. I am incorporating some of what has been shared already, but am excited to do more! Thank you Bliss Baby Yoga for continuing to put out much needed information to support women in different stages of their yoga, health, and mamahood journeys.'- Bethany, USA
'I loved the Perinatal Nutrition and Ayurveda extension module! The course was well planned, the speakers entertaining and overall I learnt a lot! The nutrition breakdown was very informative, and I loved the use of the tables for the Ayurvedic sections. Emma and Kaye are both great presenters - you can clearly feel their passion when sharing the lectures, offering a great breakdown of content and relating to real life experiences and their stories. Thanks team for putting such a great course together.'- Ching, Singapore
'I really enjoyed the module. As a Pitta type I loved how organized it is! 😉 Seriously, it was amazing! I've been studying Ayurveda for about 10 years and read so many sources, however I gained so much new and valuable information from the course, thank you!'- Irina, USA
'I definitely benefitted a lot from this module. The information was incredibly detailed and presented well. I particularly enjoyed how each constitution was described in the Ayurveda for Pregnancy & Birth module, and how to cater to each constitution during pregnancy and birth. That was information I've never come across before and has given me lots to think about in terms of applying that to my prenatal yoga students. The handouts are really beneficial and a nice way of having a summary of the most important points. The presenters Emma and Kaye were excellent, incredibly knowledgable and conveyed the information is a really understandable way.'- Nicole, South Australia
'I really enjoyed this Nutrition and Ayurveda Extension Module. Emma Grant’s module on Ayurveda and pregnancy was really insightful. I particularly enjoyed the topics on how Doshas present themselves during pregnancy and how the Dosha of the baby comes through. Kaye Waterhouse’s module on Nutrition was very enlightening. She was very approachable with the material and presented it in a very realistic way.'- Amaris, USA

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'I am loving this online fertility course that you (Rosie and Ana) have created. It is brilliant and so professional. It will be wonderfully supportive for me as I care for my clients. Thank you for the time and effort that must have gone into it.' Amanda (SA, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'The Bliss Baby Yoga Level 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is a woven together in a synergistic balance of theory and practical. The deeply feminine approach is clearly offered from a place of deep knowing as each of the facilitators draw on their wisdom and knowledge, sharing this information in an easily relatable and digestible way. Not only aesthetically pleasing, the platform is easy and seamless to navigate. It truly is fabulous! The final video call mentoring session phenomenal. Star held space so beautifully and offered supportive guidance which really landed in my bones. I loved this connection as the culmination of our studies, thank you. I feel really spoilt!' Kirstie (VIC, AUS), Online L1 & L2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'The course was exactly what I needed. I liked the emphasis on safety and the therapeutic recommendations for the various pregnancy related ailments. Ana’s style of teaching offers a practical approach, whilst being centred, empathetic and nurturing. The flexibility of being able to do the course in my own time was very much appreciated. I have a busy teaching schedule and I’m a mum so it was good to be able to take the time I needed to complete the course properly. I really liked the structure of the course, very clear and easy to follow.' Julia (UK), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga TT graduate
'I loved that I could do this course at my own pace. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and loved doing this course whilst pregnant! This has reignited my desire to teach, in a different way than I used to - softer and more feminine.' Casey (QLD, AUS), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'This course is so wholistic - I love how it truly focuses on the body and spirit of a new mama, and her growing/new babe. It’s not just asana. The course addresses the WHOLE mama, and I think that is invaluable. It’s exactly what I was looking for when researching online courses. It would’ve made more sense for me to do a course in the USA but I was really drawn to this one for the spiritual and emotional elements.' Amber (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I found your Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training course to be tremendously worthwhile and very enjoyable. The course was very practical and accessible. I was able to apply what I was learning right away since everything was laid out very clearly. I have a personal journey with infertility so the material was both personally and professionally valuable to me. Since it is a subject so close to me I was really able to feel the benefits of the various sequences.' Prairie (New Zealand), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training graduate
'Both of the courses I have completed with Bliss Bay Yoga were so well done. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I must say that I have learnt more during your online course then during my residential 200h teacher training - I honestly couldn't expect that a remote training would be so helpful and constructive. Everything was perfect; the atmosphere, all of the knowledge. The course was very informative, useful and inspiring. I engaged in this course during a lockdown and with my newborn at home, and I couldn't be happier. The Baby Bliss Yoga team is very professional and thanks to this course I feel confident to start my teaching career.' Marica (Italy), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'This course was packed full of valuable information to help support a pregnant mom through her entire pregnancy and into the first several months of motherhood. It gave me an abundance of tangible material that is available to refer back to. I am completely satisfied with the contents of this course, which is accessible to anyone, anywhere, interested in developing their skills for prenatal and postnatal yoga. I have already recommended it to other teachers at our studio.' Mary (USA), Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'I benefited from the Bliss Baby Yoga Online L1 Restorative Yoga TT course on both a personal and professional level. Personally, it worked as an anchor, it helped me through difficult times and I keep coming back to it every week to cultivate it's grounding effect. Professionally, I fell in love with the teaching of Restorative Yoga, it's my favorite Yoga style to teach, and I am very passionate about it and how I want to give it to my students. With the whole course and all the references you gave I feel comfortable about applying the knowledge and techniques I learned.' Anna (France), Online L1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training graduate
'Thank you so much for an amazing online course. I was so blown away by all the beautiful content and felt like I received such a deep level of learning from it. I have been craving more knowledge and depth into Yoga for Fertility and you well and truly delivered. I ran a small workshop from my home on Sunday to put what i had learnt to practice. It was an intimate group of 3 women and it was just so beautiful! Thank you again. I'm so so grateful!' Jenny (NSW, AUS), Online L1 Yoga for Fertility TT graduate